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What's a Survey?

There are usually multiple steps to perform a survey. 

The first is the research. In order to perform the survey, it is necessary to obtain a copy of the current deed for the property and the current deeds and any survey plans for all of the surrounding properties, and it is also sometimes necessary to research preceding title documents, sometimes back to the time of original land grant. Time for this research varies from job to job. Most information is gathered from the Nova Scotia Property-on-Line service. We must then perform some preliminary calculations to determine what monuments the property boundaries are to be measured from. 

We then make a trip to the site and establish provincial control, locate existing boundaries and corners, locate all features like buildings, roads and utilities.

Next we take out field information and plot it in surveying and drawing programs and begin the analysis of comparing the measurements we have made to the information obtained during the research process as well as evaluating boundary evidence found during the field inspection

Once the desired boundaries have been calculated we return to the site and place survey markers at the desired corners and clean out and blaze lines that need marked.